Connecting people’s passions with God’s purpose
and their struggles to His power as they find their place in His story

The purpose statement above represents an awareness that God has created passion in every person. He has done so in many ways. Sometimes it manifests as excitement for sports, education, or hobbies. Sometimes passion even leads people into negative behavior, but often, it also leads them to positive things that help and bless others. Passion is also demonstrated in the way people spend their resources, like time, money and talent.

“Where does your passion for civic justice, crime prevention, good communities, and great schools come from?” This is the question the Natomas Vineyard wants to ask people. We believe that this is the way God designed His creation to work, putting gifts, talents, and passions in the people He has created and loves. Many people are living without that understanding, and from what we have experienced, having those dots connected helps those seeking a relationship with God find Him and trust Him with their lives.

We want to partner with the Holy Spirit in His work of drawing people to the Heavenly Father. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is our example, and His death and resurrection on the cross has provided forgiveness for our sins and made it possible to connect with God. We want to help people in Natomas see the ways that God has been working in and through their lives to bless others. He wants to continue to have all of us on His team as we live this life and look forward to Eternity with Him. God has made a place for each of us in His story, and we all matter to Him.

Spring 2018


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