You Are Good
 I want to scream it out
 from every mountain top
 Your goodness knows no bounds
 Your goodness never stops
 Your mercy follows me
 Your kindness fills my life
 Your love amazes me
 I'll sing because You are good
 and I'll dance because You are good
 And I'll shout because You are good
 You are good to me
 Nothing and no one comes
 anywhere close to You
 The earth and oceans deep
 only reflect this truth
 And in my darkest night
 You shine as bright as day
 Your love amazes me
 With a cry of praise
 my heart will proclaim
 You are good You are good
 In the Sun or rain
 my life celebrates
 You are good You are good
This Is Amazing Grace

 Who breaks the power
 of sin and darkness
 Whose love is mighty
 and so much stronger
 The King of Glory,
 the King above all kings
Who shakes the whole earth
 with holy thunder
 Who leaves us breathless
 in awe and wonder
 The King of Glory
 the King above all kings
This is amazing grace
 This is unfailing love
 That You would take my place
 That You would bear my cross
 You would lay down Your Life
 That I would be set free
 Jesus I sing for
 all that You've done for me
Who brings our chaos
 back into order
 Who makes the orphan
 a son and daughter
 The King of Glory,
 the King above all kings
Who rules the nations
 with truth and justice
 Shines like the sun in
 all of its brilliance
 The King of Glory,
 the King above all kings
Worthy is the Lamb
 who was slain
 Worthy is the King
 who conquered the grave
Build My Life

 Worthy of every song
 we could ever sing
 Worthy of all the praise
 we could ever bring
 Worthy of every breath
 we could ever breathe
 We live for You
Jesus the name above
 every other name
 Jesus the only One
 who could ever save
 Worthy of every breath
 we could ever breathe
 We live for You, we live for You

 Holy, there is no one like You,
 there is none beside You
 Open up my eyes in wonder
 Show me who You are and fill me
 with Your heart and Lead me
 in Your love to those around me

 I will build my life upon Your love
 It is a firm foundation
 I will put my trust in You alone
 And I will not be shaken
Sweetly Broken

 To the cross I look,
 to the cross I cling
 Of it's suffering I do drink,
 of it's work I do sing
 For on it my Savior,
 both bruised and crushed
 Showed that God is love
 and God is just
 At the cross You beckon me
 You draw me gently to my knees,
 and I am Lost for words,
 so lost in love, I'm Sweetly broken,
 wholly surrendered

 What a priceless gift,
 undeserved life,
 Have I been given,
 through Christ crucified
 You've called me out of death,
 You've called me into life
 And I was under Your wrath;
 Now through the cross
 I'm reconciled

 In awe of the cross I must confess
 How wondrous Your redeeming love
 and How great is Your faithfulness
One Thing Remains
 Higher than the mountains
 that I face Stronger than
 the power of the grave
 Constant in the trial
 and the change
 One thing remains
 Your love never fails,
 never gives up,
 never runs out on me
 On and on and on and on it goes
 It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
 And I never ever have to be afraid;
 One thing remains,
 One thing remains

 In death in life I'm confident
 and Covered by the power
 of Your great love
 My debt is paid
 there's nothing that can
 Separate my heart
 from Your great love